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Welcome to the page of Brittni Shae,

WBFF Pro, ISFTA certified personal trainer, sports and fitness nutrition specialist

ISFTA certified Rehab fitness, functional training, and foam rolling specialist MS OTR/L.


Brittni Shae began her health and fitness journey in 2010. In 2012, she competed in her first fitness competition for NPC Bikini and placed 4th. Her second competition she placed 1st in her class and finished out the 2012 competition year taking 6th. In 2013 she competed in the WBFF fitness model class and won 1st and pro status. In August 2013 she competed at the pro level in fitness.



In 2015, she began powerlifting with the USA Powerlifting federation. Her final 2015 personal records were; squat 192lb, bench 115lb, deadlift 248lb weighing in at 114lb.

In 2016 she competed again in the WBFF at two Pro Shows; in April she placed 10th and in August she made second callouts (11-20th) at the WBFF Worlds Championships amongst 45 other WBFF bikini Pros

In the midst of competing for bikini, in June she competed again in the 52kg USA powerlifting federation weighing in at 110lb and Maxed her PRs; Squat 204lb and Deadlift 253.5lb

In January 2017 She competed again in the 52kg weight class for the USAPL, weighing in at 112.8lb. She did not hit any PRs this meet and had a few technical difficulties leaving her with a 204lb squat, 105lb bench, and 248lb Deadlift. She plans on focusing on her self balance and stronger mindset for the year of 2017. Her goals for the first 1/2 of the year are to focus on swimming (taking lessons), biking, yoga, and reading books with a focus on self improvement.




In 2017 she competed in the WBFF Atlantic City Pro Bikini division and placed 7th coaching herself!




Brittni Shae, also known as BShaeFit or BSHAE in the social media circuit, continues to provide valuable information to others regarding health and fitness. Her passion is to help others create a life they can live to love.

EMAIL: BShaeFit@gmail.com



Instagram/Twitter/Facebook: BShaeFit




Brittni Shae's Philosophy and Team BShaeFit's mission:

Fitness goals can be achieved with balance. I've been the girl who has tried calorie counting, excessive cardio, and extremes when competing. I cut out food groups, macro/micronutrients, found myself "allergic" (or had food sensitivities) to everything, and felt socially secluded because of it. I also was high strung about food, the scale, and meal timing. I developed Team BShaeFit after I finally found balance with my fitness lifestyle. It was quite a journey to get here but I am happy to share a balanced approach to fitness. 
My plans consist of a balance of macro and micronutrients; all food groups with a mixture of nutrient dense foods, as well as client favorites (that are typically never allowed on plans). Most individuals can enjoy their foods while out and find ease in carrying over the plan because it is enjoyable. Consistency is the secret to all that works and my clients can consistently follow a plan that is specifically customized to them. Workouts are based upon the clients current fitness level and goals. It's time to transform your lifestyle without restrictions and cheat meals. Why cheat when everything fits?!