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Avoiding burn-outs, reviving from one, and re-creating motivation!

January 8, 2016

Something that can occur often is burn outs while trying to reach your fitness goals. I myself did get really burnt out at one point. I'm also cautious of any signs of this occurring again. The biggest point for me that I actually felt this way was when I was missing balance completely. It was after prep for my pro show and taking a lot of extremes to get there. At that point I even regretted competing. I did 4 shows prior (3 the year before and 2 in that second year), but after that pro show (year 2013) is when I said enough is enough. My body was repulsing against most foods, wasn't responding to weight training, or cardio. Another mistake I made was by switching my training to supersets and higher reps with less weight. I essentially burned less and built less muscle. I gained 10lb post competition within a 4-5 month time frame, which isn't a lot, but I looked swollen and was asked if I was pregnant for months. It was my lowest moment of confidence since I began in 2010.

Taking a break was the best decision for my mind, body, and soul.
I switched...

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