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Avoiding burn-outs, reviving from one, and re-creating motivation!

January 8, 2016

Something that can occur often is burn outs while trying to reach your fitness goals. I myself did get really burnt out at one point. I'm also cautious of any signs of this occurring again. The biggest point for me that I actually felt this way was when I was missing balance completely. It was after prep for my pro show and taking a lot of extremes to get there. At that point I even regretted competing. I did 4 shows prior (3 the year before and 2 in that second year), but after that pro show (year 2013) is when I said enough is enough. My body was repulsing against most foods, wasn't responding to weight training, or cardio. Another mistake I made was by switching my training to supersets and higher reps with less weight. I essentially burned less and built less muscle. I gained 10lb post competition within a 4-5 month time frame, which isn't a lot, but I looked swollen and was asked if I was pregnant for months. It was my lowest moment of confidence since I began in 2010.

Taking a break was the best decision for my mind, body, and soul.
I switched...

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How to be mindful when eating, especially during special events/holidays!

November 25, 2015

We all have our own personal goals when it comes to health and fitness, which is great, but when it impacts others in a negative way then sometimes this can result in failure and/or disappointment of self or by others. Now typically we always say "who cares what others think?", but when it comes down to impacting loved ones or other areas of your life, then it's time to re-evaluate.

Finding and creating balance isn't easy. Most of the time many find it much easier to go ALL IN or NOT at all. But these two methods both lead to failure. The all or nothing mentality can lead to failure because it cannot be sustained for long term. Long term consistency and finding an approach that can be followed long term will bring the best results. When an approach is less extreme, or less ALL IN, then you can adapt and change to new arising situations without completely blowing your progress.

Say you have an event coming up in 1 week that involves others to celebrate a special occasion. What's your first feeling?

Typically it's anxiety if following a nutrition regimen. Your first thought is "what will I eat?!" Second...

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Just started lifting and the scale has gone up? No worries!

November 12, 2015


Have you just begun a lifting program and weight gain bringing you down? Do not worry!
When a muscle lifts loads that is unaccustomed to, the stress causes tiny tears in its fibers (micro-trauma). This occurs when building muscle - the tear and rebuild stronger than before. This repair process is completed via white blood cell production of prostaglandins; a hormone-like substance that causes pain and swelling. Fluid also contributes to swelling as fluid transports nutrients and enzymes to the muscle to support the re-building process. Swelling peaks on the fourth day, then gradually resides. This swelling may reflect on the scale, but do not worry, it is temporary!

Weight lifting is not the only exercise that this process can occur in; weight bearing exercise such as running a marathon can also cause muscle damage and swelling.

The muscle re-generation explained above is part of the process and your body will begin to adapt as you continue the workout regimen.

Rest days are vital, especially as a beginner, to allow time to heal. Nutrition is another key component. It is important you get adequate fats, carbohydrates, protein for your goals. I also suggest use of creatine and branch chain...

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Staying committed this holiday season!

November 12, 2015

There is a difference between commitment and obsession, and it can sometimes be a very fine line! Many have a difficult time balancing the two, which often results in one extreme or the other! Some may go on an all out binge fest for the holiday, while others restrict themselves from family/social gatherings due to food, a scheduled workout, or disinterest. I can personally relate to this topic, as I was one whom restricted myself during the holidays in 2011-2012. Unfortunately this impacted my family negatively and I made a promise to myself to change.

Creating balance while reaching fitness goals is a tough task. There is only so much time in one day to meet all of our responsibilities, dedicate time to others, and dedicate time to ourselves. This is why I encourage a more flexible approach to eating and less extreme methods for workouts (i.e.; shorter cardio duration and only one gym session per day). I also encourage less frequent meal times and larger meals so that eating does not impact your daily function at work and socially out with others.


How to stay committed year-round:


Permanent weight loss/fitness takes time and effort and is a...

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Macronutrient calculations - how do I formulate?

November 10, 2015

For initial calculations see below, 

for reorders I take into consideration your old numbers or if you've followed macros prior I look at those as well. 


How do I come up with your macros? More in depth -

Height, weight, age + daily activity:
BMR is a measure of only the most basic functions (effectively the same as if you rested in bed the whole day). Other terms synonymous with BMR are Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) and Resting Energy Expenditure (REE).

Energy needs are purely derivative from energy expenditure. If you have a desk job you will be eating less than someone with an active job.

Once BMR has been estimated, various "activity" factors are applied. Once again these are best guesses based on contemporary research.

Workouts per week are included in your formula for energy expenditure.

Mifflin - St Jeor Formula

Why do I use this formula?

RESULTS from a recent study: Four prediction equations were identified as the most commonly used in clinical practice (Harris-Benedict, Mifflin-St Jeor, Owen, and World Health Organization/Food and Agriculture Organization/United Nations University [WHO/FAO/UNU]). Of these equations, the Mifflin-St Jeor equation was the most reliable, predicting RMR within 10% of measured in more...

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Making fitness part of your life, not your whole life

October 14, 2015

Seeking balance?

Avoid having too much of anything. Spread your energies and avoid burning yourself out in any aspect; friends/family, work, school, leisure/fitness. This topic can pertain to any component of your everyday life.

In this world, each day will never be perfectly balanced. Small disruptions can occur to our rhythm and schedule, however your ability to adapt to this situation can recreate that balance.

Step back from the CONSTANT stream of thought and enjoy the present moment. Reduce your stress, take more time for yourself, and be patient. Comparing yourself to the past or constantly focusing on the future can impact current balance.


Fitness and Balance

The best way to achieve emotional and mental balance is by doing exercises you really enjoy.

Exercise decreases depression via endorphins.

It also decreases stress by controlling anxiety.


Exercise is also a self confidence booster. Having the ability to create and reach goals automatically boosts ones self esteem.

Exercise can also improve ones sleep schedule and ability to concentrate.

Eating a balanced diet of omega 3 fatty acids, protein, fruits, vegetables, and other carbohydrates are essential for body function. Proper nutrition also regulates ones weight and reduces risk for diseases. Extreme...

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Creating SMART goals

October 4, 2015

Creating goals and setting yourself up for success!
Often times we do not set goals that are attainable.

First, be honest with yourself, what is a realistic goal for YOU to reach in a specific time frame? Is your plan or program reasonable for you to be consistent? Setting your caloric intake at too much of a deficit, or expectations of going to the gym 6 days per week - when you were only doing 2-3 days per week, are two examples of setting yourself up for failure.

Set SMART goals; specific, measurable, accountable, realistic, and with a timeframe. Be specific with your goals - instead of "lose weight", direct the goal to more detail such as; lose 3" off my waist, fit into size 8, and be able to do 1 pull-up.

Track your progress with measurements of your body parts and use the scale only one time a week or every other week. Progress photos also help reveal progress often missed by these measurement tools.

Be accountable by using support groups, food tracking apps, workout tracking apps, journals, social media, and/or a coach.

Be realistic with your progress in weight loss, typically .5-1lb a week is a steady...

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Gluteus and Hamstrings

June 2, 2015

Gluteus and hamstrings

1. Squats

Warm-up sets
1 set
45lb (bar only) + band x 10
1 set
65lb x 10
1 set
95lb x 8

Working sets
5 sets
115lb x 6

2. Sumo deadlifts

Warm-up sets
1 set
95lb x 10
1 set
135lb x 8

Working sets
3 sets
155lb x 6

3. Weighted bridges

Warm-up sets
1 set
135lb x 12
1 set
155lb x 10
1 set
185lb x 8

Working sets
3 sets
205lb x 6

4. Weighted reverse lunges

3 sets
30lb x 10 each leg

5. Cable hip extensions superset cable donkey kicks
1 set
7.5lb x 10 each leg
1 set
10lb x 10 each leg
1 set
12lb x 10 each leg

6. Seated leg curls
4 sets
80lb x 10

7. Standing calf raises in V-Squat machine
130lb x 10


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Cardio Challenge

May 29, 2015

3 rounds for time
Target: 2 minutes per round 

20 jumping jacks
10 barbell Romanian deadlifts
20 medicine ball squat and swings
10 box jumps
20 mountain climbers
6 sled or box pushes 25m

Followed by 5 min of rowing

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Back, Shoulders, Abdominals workout

May 22, 2015

Back, Shoulders, Abdominals

4 sets
1. Pull-ups until failure


1. Wide grip lat pull down
2 sets
85lb x 10
2 sets
100lb x 8

2. Close grip lat pull down
2 sets
85lb x 10
2 sets
100lb x 8

3. Close grip seated cable row
2 sets
85lb x 10
2 sets
100lb x 8

4. Straight arm cable lat pull down
4 sets
25lb x 10

5. Stiff Legged deadlifts
4 sets
95lb x 10

6. Shoulder Shrugs in smith machine
4 sets
90lb plus smith bar x 10

7. Cable cross overs
4 sets
5lb x 10

8. DB press
4 sets
30lb DB x 8-10

9. DB front raises
4 sets
20lb DB x 10

10. Cable lateral raise, from behind back
4 sets
10lb x 10

11. Cable wood chops high to low
3 sets
10lb x 10 each side

12. Weighted cable crunch on fitness ball
4 sets
20lb x 10

13. Hanging leg circles
4 sets
No weight x 5 circles each side


Brittni Shae
ISFTA Certified personal trainer and sports and fitness nutrition specialist, MS OTR/L
️BShaeFit LLC


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